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QuestionHow can I get the latest information about service learning?

Answer1.You can inquire on office of student affairs's billboard 
2. You can search the internet for information on our website.(http://service-learning2.nhu.edu.tw/main.php)
3. You can search FB(

Question Where is the serice learning section?
Answer Cheng Jun Guan Administrative Building, 1st Floor, Room C111.

QuestionWhat is the Service Education?
Answer The new revised service education is to significantly reduce the hours of work on campus cleaning and promote a clean environment, boost diverse learning, boost student’s awareness of themselves and the community, society and the environment around them, encourage the virtues of punctuality, hard work, team work and cooperation as well as encouraging them to be active in public service. This is a oneyear, zero credit compulsory course which students are required to take in order to meet graduation requirements.
QuestionWhat is the service learning section's responsibilities?
AnswerThe service learning section's responsibilities:

1. Processing of service-learning courses.
2. Convene service-learning committee meeting.
3. Organization of workshops for service-learning courses for academic staff and TA.
4. Evaluation and organization of student assistant projects.
5. Safeguarding of student finances and petty cash.
6. Registration and coordination of student part-time work.
7. Organization of "coming of age" event.
8. Provide support for University events.
9. Processing of student financial aid and traveling costs
Processing of service eduction courses.
Processing of Volunteer service.

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