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Question What is the Rite of Passage Ceremony?
AnswerThe university organizes a Rite of Passage Ceremony annually for freshmen as a celebration of this transition into adulthood. The ceremony not only includes ancient rites, with certain additions and changes in order to be more in tune with modern society, but there is also a course teaching how to proceed in the ceremony. The ceremony is held in the square and chaired by the president of the university and distinguished guests. Students, teachers, family and friends and local community are also invited to attend. The modern version of the ceremony has three new additional aspects to it, two coloured scarves and a small gift. The white scarf represents purity, innocence and breaking away from one’s childishness. Yellow is a Buddhist colour and the yellow scarf represents hope that the young adults may start with compassion and be dedicated to the state. Parents and teachers place the scarves over the students shoulders which represents placing upon the students the task and spirit of responsibility and service to the community. The small gifts are presented by the chairman of the board Master Hsing Yun as a blessing upon the students, blessing their futures with success and prosperity.
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